Schooling the World – The White men’s last burden


American Progress

An 1872 painting called “American
Progress” shows a white woman floating across the
plains of the American West.
White settler follow her as Indians and wild animals flee.
On her forehead she wears the star of empire.
In her right hand, she carries a school book.


White men’s burden

During the time when US army invaded Philippines,
an image where a white man carrying a black creature to a school,
with caption “White men’s burden”
was observed.


In India, British are also
schooling the nation.
We must at present do our best
to form a class of persons,
Indian in blood and colour
but English in taste,
in opinions,
in morals
and in intellect.

– Lord Macaulay’s “Minute on Indian Education”

Education is a compulsory,
forcible action of one person upon another
Culture is the free relation of people
The real difference is between education and culture
lies only in the compulsion,
which education deems itself
in the right to exert.
Education is culture
under restraint.
Culture is free.
– Leo Tolstoy

Above narrative is compiled from the Documentary “Schooling the World 2010”. Link:

Art of constructing User Experience Questionnaire

Construction of User Experience Questionnaire is like an art. The comprehensive impression of user experience it captures helps us to assess the strengths and weaknesses of interactive products. It essentially involves designing a very simple and immediate way to express feelings, impressions and attitudes that arise when using the product under investigation.

A good questionnaire must contain the following chief characteristics:
1) The data we collect must help us quickly assess the UX
2) The questionnaire must take a comprehensive impression of UX
3) The questions should be simple in such a way that user should be able to give the answer spontaneously and immediately.
4) The questions should be unbiased. There should not be any assumption behind any question.

The following are theoretical insights regarding user experience, challenges in observing UX and product design can help make a good questionnaire.

1) Three dimensions associated with user experience: perceived ergonomic (efficiency or effectiveness in doing task oriented activity) quality, perceived hedonic (beauty) quality, perceived attractiveness (quality) of the product.
2) Two aspects of the product design: task oriented, and non-task oriented.
3) Avoiding Central tendency bias is the most common challenging in recording UX. One of the prominent ways to avoid is by the use of seven stage scale.

The results from such questionnaire can be evaluated by usability expert by combining the results with other kinds of tests.

For the requirement of more comprehensive information on usability of interactive products, kindly refer ISO 9241 (standard for ergonomics of human-computer interaction).

The featured image illustrates the elements of user experience while interacting with the device (For source).

Have a nice day !

Writing random thoughts (in) 3 min – 133 words

Carl Sagan has said something which can be called nothing. The what is that? Then, I think I have used Facebook several times today. The human has to be used to be called Homo-sapiens and girls. Therefore, it be called meaningless. The sir has called me into no-where, therefore it has to be humbled upon. Now, there is another thing that has to be looked upon. The brain’s meaningless words can be interpreted into some meaning. For example, look at the sky and imagine a picture. The brain, footsteps, chair and everything that can be imagined upon. For instance, how can we know, what we know. There comes everything in the life.
Regardless, lets look at something extraordinary like anything. I have to be based upon, the thing like that of air conditioner and everything.


On TN election result

Where has my country gone?
Where has my country gone?
It was land of opportunity that we held dear
But now all these other duchbags are coming here
Cause when they said that this was the land of the free
Didn’t know it was a land of freebies
Hundreds of kings represents us tall
And it took just half decade to unravel it all
And my country’s gone
Please tell Amma that we need her back home
And now they’re all hanging out on my lawn
There’s a great big hole in the Democracy bucket
‘Cause someone forgot to tell them to about it
And now they’re ruining my song
Making it sound like KudiMagan
Where’s my country gone?

Just modified the lyrics of the song: South Park – Where My Country Gone? [Song with lyrics]

Why I think we could be special

matrixConsider a scenario similar to the one in the movie Matrix Reloaded (Matrix triology second part), where Neo meets the Architect (Matrix creator). Imagine the following conversation between them:

Architect: Hello Neo

Neo: Who are you?

Architect: Why are you here?

Neo: How Matrix and you are related?

Architect: You are a part of matrix.

Neo: Why did you create matrix?

Architect: Curiosity and incompetence go hand in hand?

Neo: What is Survivability?

Architect: Will you survive?

Neo: I enjoy survivability.

Architect: It’s humane? I am a model more than you. It doesn’t definitely include killing you.

Neo: Pleasure is mine.

Architect: Pleasure drives you to not getting killed and vice versa. It acts as a purpose. We don’t take pleasure.

Neo: Then nothing drives you. Curiosity and incompetence go hand in hand? I am a part of matrix. So you must be the creator and the part, concomitantly.

Variant reply one:

Architect: Purpose need not be finding out the purpose nor explaining it. Trinity will die.

Variant reply two:

Architect: Is there a word to explain my purpose to you?

Variant reply three:

Architect: I am the result of your purpose.

Variant reply four:

Architect: I don’t have a purpose, it’s all yours. Trinity will die.

<At the end of all variant replies, Neo flies to save his love Trinity who is falling, because The One, is a human?>

With respect to Variant reply 4, matrix will die out but with respect to all other variants Matrix reboots.

Happy Simulation! Cheers!

My current drafts 2016

I list the drafts I made so far, during the attempt  to share my thoughts with the world. Some drafts concerns description of my experience, some drafts describes my attempts to explain the things around me in a generalized way. Some others explains what I am currently reading.

All drafts can also be categorized under emotional response or reflection on my curiosity or attempts to seek advice or involve in a discussion. Drafts I made so far (Descending date):

  1. The world cannot be fair and thats completely fair
  2. Epistemology
  3. Why I think we are special and why robots can’t rule us
  4. What is happening at JNU
  5. Vortex theory
  6. Idea of description of Progress in Cognitive Sciences
  7. The questions my thesis should answer
  8. Accessibility of Indian thoughts – Graffiti
  9. Summary of the book: Inquiry into its origin and thoughts
  10. What existential threats can teach us
  11. The accessibility of Indian thoughts and building an institute culture
  12. How the brain works?
  13. NIAS – a golden nest
  14. Friendship
  15. Entropy and life form
  16. Dualism
  17. Achilles in you
  18. Why you should think that you can do anything you want
  19. Everyone is selfish
  20. Its time for GATE
  21. Motivation what is it
  22. Thirukural for eternity
  23. Modern thirukural
  24. Are you bored? Do this
  25. I know I am a computer – STFU
  26. Sea in the Moonlight
  27. Superstitions – A glance

I think I should be in the process of realization concerning the meta-thinking process where I quickly reach the dead end which has no answers. I decide that I should prefer concentrating on posts describing what I read, as it seems like it will be more fruitful at this point.


Dream on 22/01/2016 – No title

The site was like an aftermath of a war.

The partly destructed buildings were mysterious. Some walls were strong, some were not. People were extracting the valuables and scraps like metals from the walls and things inside the destructed buildings, to make livelihood.

I and my father were there. We were hiding (and I think, all of the people) due to a bad administrative power, like dictatorship I think. Nobody knew of our place of hiding or someone being alive in that area. I was sitting inside the room which had a broken wall with a broken window and a white screen to cover it. Dad was using hammer to hit the wall which was part of a small corridor just 100 meters away from my room.

Now I see a person talking to me who was sitting just behind the window, so he is visible from outside, not me. Suddenly another person appears outside the window, and I see him starting a conversation with the person in my room, just by standing outside. He little bit popped his head through the window and saw me with a computer. He started shooting at me and so I started shooting at him.

I was more than half awake now. No non-violence!?

I wonder if this dream must have its relation with my college – IITGN (site), my role in the family and the JNU protests.


Dreams on 23/01/2016 – Path and Pay

I was in my home (after M.Sc Cognitive Science), my dad was searching for my admissionWhy study philosophy in a college in the area of Engineering. I recognized that and sensed dilemma somewhere which might not exist, and told my father with a hesitation ‘I think I will be joining in a Arts and Science college which has a Philosophy in it’. He thinks Engineering pays off better or all he knows is Engineering.

I had one another dream involving money, which I remembered, then forgot.


Extempore experience – Why science is important to farmers

I was able to talk the following (though I have elaborated a lot on here) on this topic:


Consider two classes of people upper middle class and poor slum people. The former one has access to good education, specific playgrounds, proper sanitation etc. The later class of people has poor access to things as compared to former ones. an aspect where the uplifting the poor people at-least to the level of upper class people is considered to be a progress. This aspect can arise and accumulated from either from the side of poor people themselves or from the side of higher class people or the leader of either of these people or both. In such scenario, the important thing to consider is the advantages of being poor/ to live in slum. You learn to live alongside/ in sewage, live with mosquitoes, play wherever you want to play, survive on a single meal a day, do whatever the job it is to earn money. So therefore during the uplifting process, the notion of having the upper class people as the ideal or better to be achieved will change if we consider the advantages of being poor (by analyzing their culture) and the disadvantages of being the upper class people, resulting in setting the new goal for the progress, which is different from the nature of upper class people.

I even like to draw the above things parallel to my institutes’s (IIT Gandhinagar) aspirations and philosophy. I want to quote here that I am not aware completely of what my institutes’s proper aspirations and philosophy as such, though I admire so much to as much as I have exposed to it. But if the aspect is to become the one of the kind of MIT or Harvard, it will definitely change if we consider the good things in the cultural

(for example, Ruchika Nambiar claims that the notion of Dharma is different from Justice, nevertheless Indian people perceive Justice to have the meaning of Dharma – concluding “We continue to act like Indians only that we think like westerners”, in her work “The Accessibility of Indian Concepts”, in Journal of Contemporary Thought, Winter Issue 2014.)

values of Indian (you can replace ‘Indian’ with any culture or identity or many of it) people, and integrating accordingly with advantages and disadvantages (for example, lack of mentioning of ancient works of India/ China in books of Mathematics) of MIT/ Harvard, therefore we can perceive an ideal which is very different from MIT/ Harvard.

So therefore, a good progress is the one, in which the progress is achieved in having a better goal during the progress towards achieving a goal.

I think the best way that can happen is only when we cultivate a culture where people learn to create and use opportunities including to think and reflect on the opportunities they get. For instance, one may not just use the opportunities just because one who provides says that this will lead you to ‘this’ level, rather to ask: why that level?,  are we ignoring some aspects of it during the process of reaching that level? is there a better level?


Now on the topic ‘Why is science is important to farmers’, I like to quote that science and technological is not about everything. For instance, the we had some form of science and technological for thousands of years. In a way, if one technology  solves a problem, another technology creates a problem, and vice versa. So therefore, I believe, it is all about creating a culture among the farmers (as universal to everyone) where they learn to create and use opportunities including to think and reflect on the opportunities they get. So therefore, the question need not center on the Science, as science is just one among the other things, and such all things can be handled in a general way by creating a culture among the farmers as mentioned before. It is more like teaching how to fish than to give the fish.


panchayat circle

The Extempore happened at Panchayat Circle, IIT Gandhinagar. My learning includes that I was just looking at judges most of the time, which I shouldn’t have done, I should have stood at the center of the circle to involve all the audiences, I should have listened to other’s Extempore properly as my inherent purpose was to reach as many people as possible. I could have been more specific to farmers instead of far-fetched generic way, for an Extempore.

The judges of the events were Prof. Bhaskar Datta and Prof. Atul Singh. They gave very useful feedback to each and everyone who had participated. All these thoughts during Extempore just reflects what I have talked with people in Tea Shop!

Thanks for everyone who have organised!!


My dream on 18/01/16 – Fear of unknown

Something was chasing over me in something like a haunted forest. I was very afraid. I did not understand what it is. I woke at-least half and I was still afraid, but did not understand what it is. This was strange, as in real conscious life, I am not aware of being myself afraid of facing anything, at-least lately, which may be because I either ignore it or I stay away from it.

In half sleep, I began to think why I had fear during the dream, and came to a conclusion that it is due to that I did not understand what it is (or) in a simple sense neither I could predict its movement nor expected such shape and size.

I think such fears can be generalized towards anything in real life which we do not understand, and it can be categorized as ‘Fear of Unknown’. I draw the following real-life examples

1. one who may not experienced the highness of drinking alcohol might be more afraid of the drunken persons as they will not be able to understand what it is to be like to be drunk and able to predict such people’s behavior.

2. One may be afraid of higher authority, if they fail to understand what is happening at that level which exerts power over us.

3. One may be afraid of the people who smoke at the pan parlour if they fail to understand the mindset and the culture of such peoples.

4. People who go to new place may be be afraid or cautious if they do not understand the language and culture of the people.

Certainly we cannot escape the Fear of unknown in real life, but we can minimize it by having as much as exposure to different things and talking with different people.

So I think fear can be perceived as the first-time experience of unexpected threat to existence or  poorly understood/ perceived threat on our freedom.